Types of White Label GPS Tracking Software


Types of White Label GPS Tracking Software
White Label GPS Tracking Software

Logistics Industry is immensely dependent on GPS Tracking for efficient operations. Gone are the days when manual operations could sail the boat. In the era of cut-throat competition, people are using technology to stay ahead of the curve and improve efficiency. 

White label Vehicle Tracking software has made the process even more smooth. The entire logistics and transportation domain has shown tremendous improvement in their performance.

Let’s get into the types of White label services you’ll find at your disposal in the industry.  

  1. (Not Really) Basic White Label

This is the most basic plan that is commonly opted by the companies. As the title suggests, it does not have much to offer. Honestly, this does not fall under the category of a white label, but various companies provide this service in the name of white label. 

  • Yes, the web domain is in your company's name that you have to provide to the software company. 

  • Your logo is displayed inside the portal but not on the login page of the App.

  • You do not get a dedicated app on the app store by your name.

  1. Standard White Label

You can establish your own separate space online with this service. It’s white-label in the true sense where there is no trace of your service provider. 

  • You get a dedicated app(Android & IOS) and web portal for your brand. 

  • All the details and information on the Play Store are yours.

  1. Design White Label

The topmost category of them all. In design white-label, you get a completely different look and feel of the software. It’s unique and belongs to you entirely. TrackoBit specialises in providing customised GPS Tracking software. 


  • You get a made-to-order user interface and experience. The theme belongs to you. It can be replicated for one of your customers. 

  • You get your App(Android & IOS) and web portal.

  • Both Android and IOS Apps get a complete make-over.

If you wish to know more about such software and services, you may explore them here. Get in touch with one of the leading Fleet management software providers