White Label Fleet Management Software helps you Scale your Business in More Ways Than You Think

 In the highly competitive world of the present times, only the brands that can carve their identity and niche go a long way. Irrespective of the business they deal in or the market they cater to, it’s essential for brands to stand out from the crowd. The same funda applied to the tech world. 

White Label Fleet Management Software helps you Scale your Business in More Ways Than You Think
White Label Fleet Management Software helps you Scale your Business in More Ways Than You Think

White label software services are gaining popularity across industries with time as businesses are adopting automation technology to optimize their operations. One such genre is logistics and transport that has embraced white label GPS Tracking solutions entirely. Service providers prefer white label software over building a system from scratch. It saves time, energy and resources that you can invest in scaling the overall business. 

What is White Label Software?

When the software is developed end-to-end by a third party but the seller/service provider sells it under the guise of its brand then it’s called white-label software. The software development company does not put their branding on the product. They create it as briefed by the buyer. 

White label software is open for customisation as per the buyer’s demand. There are types of white label services provided by the Fleet Management Software developer companies. 

How does White Label services work in GPS Tracking Software? 

The concept of white label works the same way in GPS Tracking as well. A GPS Service provider buys the software from a third party and presents it to its customers under their label. The buyers have the right to rebrand the product and further sell the software to their customers. However, the intellectual property right is still with the software development company. 

Elements that the software buyer gets:

  • Domain: The website URL and the app in their name.

  • Logo: Unique logo that becomes the face of the company.

  • Design theme: The colour theme and design that’s a statement for the brand. 

  • Graphics: Graphics that match the design theme of the app/ product. 

  • Signature: Marketing collaterals, cover letters and other promotional stuff. 

Benefits of White Label Fleet Management Solutions

  1. Saves Time and Money

  • Building fleet management software from scratch is a time taking and expensive affair. Forming a dedicated team, planning the product from scratch, and final development will drain most of the resources. With white label services, you get to elude the taxing part and focus more on garnering customers and scaling your business.

  1. No Risks and Hassles

  • The bigger the team, the more are the chances of goof-ups. By outsourcing the development part to the experts, you have lessened the risk of hassles. These companies specialise in not only software development but also mitigating risks. 

  1. Easy Branding

  • The energy conserved by outsourcing the development part can be put to enhancing the branding. More efforts may go into enhancing logos, branding and other marketing jazz. 

There are two game-changers In the service providing business, a) the product itself b) reaching out to the customers with your product. Now that the former has been taken care of, you can streamline the forces towards streamlining the latter, and that’s a win-win deal.